• Welcome to Nexus Computer Services
    A local IT service for the Isle of Mull in Scotland

  • Viruses, Spyware, Trojans and other malicious software removal

    Using the latest technology we can remove all types of malicious software

  • Custom websites

    no wordpress or any other ready made CMS, it's all hand built to your specifications, built using the latest PHP and MySQL technologies We can build most types of sites from simple record keeping to e-commerce we can create both dynamic and static websites

  • Desktop PC's hardware and software repairs and upgrades

    We aim to fix most problems with desktop PC's both on the hardware and software side and can upgrade components if needed

  • Data backups, SATA I,II,III SSD, USB 3.0/2.0, SD cards

    We can backup your data for you on to your own external media or we can purchase one for you with the required drive type and capacity needed for your backup

  • Network problems, faulty or misconfigured Wi-Fi, routers, switches or firewalls

    We can fix networking problems with faulty or misconfigured Wi-Fi, routers, bridges, switches or firewalls

  • Laptop hard drives, memory and software repairs and upgrades

    We can upgrade and replace laptop hard drives, SSD's PCIe SSD, NVMe M.2 drives, SODIMM RAM memory and also perform software upgrades

  • Software upgrades, including operating system upgrades

    We can perform any software upgrades or installation of any software you need, if you don't have the software we can purchase it for you

  • Network installation and upgrade

    We can perform network upgrades and purchase network equipment for your needs, we choose Cisco Meraki equipment as Cisco is the industry leaders in networking, these devices are cloud managed and easy to configure SD-WAN

  • Performance checkup

    We can perform a performance checkup and identify and resolve issues that may be slowing your computer down

Covid-19 restrictions


We may now proceed with caution, proper protections will be in place, such as disinfectant of computer equipment when picked up or returned to prevent infection, if we enter a premises we will be wearing the appropriate protection and will come prepared with hand sanitiser and face mask.

Many thanks
Michael Lowe

Specialising in the IT industry for over 22 years, we aim to fix most computer problems, from desktop PC's to laptop hard drives, software and more.

Virus removal
We are using the latest technology to remove viruses, spyware, trojans and other malicious software.

Desktop PC repairs
Using our skills we will work at finding a solution to your problem which could be either hardware or software based, most problems are usually resolved quickly but on the odd occasion we may come across a tricky problem and may not be able to resolve it, if we cannot resolve the issue there will be no charge for parts or labour, if parts or additional software is needed we will advise you and await your approval before ordering the required parts or software. We cannot repair Apple products.

Laptop repairs
We are limited to what we can provide in the way of laptop repairs, we can replace a laptop hard drive and memory (RAM) but not any other hardware components such as screens, we can install additional software if needed and resolve most software issues, we cannot repair Apple products.

Software upgrades
We are able to perform software upgrades on both desktop PC's and laptops, depending on the software vendor such as an upgrade from Microsoft Windows 7 to Microsoft Windows 10, you may be asked to pay additional fees for a valid genuine license from Microsoft, you will receive any software media that comes with the license such as a DVD or USB flash stick containing the installation media.

Network problems
We may be able to resolve network problems locally within your system, however this may require a visit to your premises to resolve connectivity issues, such as a faulty Wi-Fi connection or faulty or misconfigured routers, switches or firewalls, there may be an additional charge to be called out anywhere on the island.

Data backups
We have specialised software and hardware to assist in the making of data backups, we can clone SATA 1, SATA 2, SATA 3, SD card, USB 3.0 and USB 2.0 flash drive both laptop and desktop hard drives as well as backup to your own removable media such as an external USB 3.0 hard drive, you can provide your own device to back up on to or we can purchase one for you as we know which drive type and capacity will be right for you, we may also be able to recover data from corrupt or faulty hard drives but there are no guarantees as the disk may be beyond recoverable.

Website creation
We are able to offer our services for building websites like the one you are visiting now, we provide two types of sites: static and dynamic.

Static - We will converse back and forth with you about what you would like your site to look like, you can provide the content and we will create the site, you can also if you like leave it up to us to design the site, you will provide the contents and leave the design up to us, we will keep working until you're happy with it, all files will be written with the .php extension so that if you decide later to have a dynamic site then code can easily be added without any problem. Once completed you will receive a disc with all files required for your website, we don't provide hosting options although we can advise what would be the best possible solution.

Dynamic - We will converse back and forth with you about what you would like your site to look like, dynamic sites take a bit longer to build but functions can be written to your needs, we can now build e-commerce sites and can build custom built CMS (content management system) sites we don't use Wordpress or any other ready-made solution, everything is built to your specification, even if it's a simple record keeping site, if you need a management system with login for users, we will provide our flagship "Sentry Web Authentication" user authentication and management system which contains a ton of features all geared towards user authorisation and authentication management. All applications are written in PHP and MySQLi and is guaranteed to be safe from SQL injection, so no hacks to steal your information. Once completed you will receive a disc with all files required for your website, we don't provide hosting options although we can advise what would be the best possible solution.

Performance checkup
If you would just like to gain as much performance out of your computer as possible, we can do a performance check-up, there is a reduced charge for this option as it's not as much manual labour as fixing a problem.

What's the cost?

Manual labour = £20 per hour
Software licenses = £ variable
Hardware components = £ variable
Performance check-up one charge £10

No fix, no cost guarantee

Payable through cash, cheque or PayPal

For more info email: [email protected]

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